Euston Area Plan

What is HS2?

HS2 is the Government’s proposal for a new high speed rail link to connect London to Birmingham and potentially in the longer term further north to Scotland. For details of the HS2 project please visit:

HS2 project website:

Camden Council strongly opposes the construction of the line due to its detrimental impacts on the borough and are working to ensure the impacts of the scheme are minimised. For more information on Camden’s lobbying work against HS2 please use the link below:

Camden Council HS2 position:   Camden Council’s website

Current Hs2 station design for Euston

HS2 published a new approach to station design at Euston ( HS2 press release) which involves the reuse of the existing station and development of an adjoining HS2 station to the west in April 2013 which has been reflected in the Hs2 Environmental Statement and Hybrid Bill submitted to parliament in November 2013 – click here to visit the HS2 Hybrid Bill webpages.

The Euston Area Plan (EAP) team were briefed by HS2 in confidence at the end of February on the rapidly emerging changes to station design and tasked by the EAP Strategic Board to work with HS2 designers to find ways to improve emerging designs to better meet draft EAP objectives consulted on last winter. This work culminated in the production of an evaluation report which highlights significant issues with the new emerging HS2 station design, particularly the potential reduction in homes and jobs which could be provided and the lost opportunity to properly address some of the existing long term problems at Euston. A letter and report were sent to the Secretary of State for Transport on 22nd March setting out these concerns from the Leader of Camden Council, Cllr Hayward and the Deputy Mayor of London, Sir Edward Lister as members of the EAP Strategic Board.

The letter and summary of the confidential report and response are available below and the report was subsequently submitted to the HS2 draft Environmental Statement and Design Refinement consultation. It should be noted that since the production of the report, the EAP team has carried out further work to assess development potential above and around the stations and therefore the figures in the report have been refined in recent months. The revised version of the Euston Area Plan (proposed submission version) reflects a number of options for station development, to reflect different future options for station redevelopment therefore contains a range in the numbers of homes and jobs. This allows for flexibility if a more comprehensive station design is able to come forward, which more readily meets the EAP objectives.

Letter to SoS from EAP 22nd March 2013
Summary Report to SoS from EAP 22nd March 2013
Minister response letter April 2013


  • Latest news

    The Euston Area Plan was adopted in January 2015. View the final plan and associated documents by clicking below.