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Consultation on the Draft Euston Area Plan – We need your views!

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Consultation on the draft Euston Area Plan is now underway.

The plan provides a framework for change in the Euston area over the next 20 years, and has been jointly prepared by Camden Council, the Greater London Authority and Transport for London. It seeks to ensure that, whether or not the new High Speed rail link (HS2) goes ahead, despite Camden Council’s strong opposition to HS2, we can get the best possible future for the residents, businesses and visitors to Euston.

We asked what you thought of the draft objectives for the Euston Area Plan towards the end of last year. We received many useful comments, which highlighted general support for the draft objectives. These have helped to inform the content of the draft Plan, which includes development policies as well as more specific development principles for smaller character areas within the plan boundary.

Consultation on the draft plan and Sustainability Appraisal Report will run from 29 July to 7 October.

Visit the get involved page to view the plan documents, a link to our online questionnaire and for more information about the consultation.

1 Comment

  1. This plan is appalling, poorly thought out and entirely unsuitable. Where are the recreation and sports facilities for the additional proposed population? Community and medical? The addition of a school is welcome though compared to the proper and prepared consultation of Melbourne, Australia this is “Pants”! A park has been covered over and not been replaced.
    In addition the HS2 plan shoul include a complete route round England and Scotland with the addition of another Eurotunnel in the north.
    Also the addition of double decker trains on crowded routes should be adopted!
    Where is the link to Kings Cross? And why is this proposed for Euston when surely it would have been better to have this at Kings Cross!
    In fact why not move it over next to kings cross and use existing train routes including an express to Luton!
    Why not expand Luton airport!

    BY L August 29th, 2013 at 1:42 pm