Euston Area Plan


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Why does Euston station need to be fully redeveloped?

Euston station is ageing and passenger numbers are continuing to grow: it is no longer fit for purpose. There is a once in a lifetime opportunity to comprehensively redevelop Euston to unlock the delivery of much-needed new homes, more jobs and greater economic opportunity for local residents and businesses. We believe that anything other than the comprehensive redevelopment of the existing station will make it difficult to fully achieve the vision set out in the Euston Area Plan and would be a huge opportunity wasted.

What is an Area Action Plan?

Area Action Plans are comprehensive strategies for coordinated development and design, reflecting local aspirations for the area.  They form part of Camden Council’s Local Plan for development. The Euston Area Plan is an Area Action Plan.

What is the Euston Area Plan?

The Euston Area Plan was prepared for the area around Euston station to help shape change in the area up to 2031. It was jointly prepared by Camden Council, the Greater London Authority and Transport for London, and adopted as part of the Council’s Local Plan in 2015. The Euston Area Plan seeks to ensure that despite the Council’s longstanding opposition to HS2 during the parliamentary process, we get the best possible future for residents, businesses and visitors to Euston.

What is the Growth Strategy for Euston?

To unlock the major growth and regeneration potential at Euston, commitment and funding is required. The Growth Strategy for Euston sets out the case for this significant opportunity and how it can be achieved.

Camden Council, the Greater London Authority, Transport for London and Network Rail prepared the Growth Strategy in close consultation with HS2 Ltd. All the partners embrace the ambition for Euston and are committed to realising this once in a lifetime opportunity. The Growth Strategy is endorsed by the Camden Business Board.

When are the Euston Area Plan and Growth Strategy for Euston being implemented?

The Euston Area Plan and the Growth Strategy for Euston are intended to help to shape change and guide development from now, and up to 2031.

How does the Euston Area Plan affect me?

The Euston Area Plan sets guidelines for new development in the Euston area, illustrating where new buildings could be built, particularly above and around the station, design guidelines for new buildings, and uses for the new buildings (homes, shops, employment and community facilities), and setting standards for new open space. It also highlights where there are opportunities for improvements to existing buildings and uses, such as shop fronts, parks and public spaces, streets, connections and facilities.

The Plan seeks to mitigate the potential impacts of HS2, through investigating locations for replacement homes and businesses that have been developed in consultation with those affected by HS2. It also complements and incorporates some shorter term strategies to minimise blight, where appropriate for a planning strategy document.

What is a planning brief?

A planning brief is a document that summarises the planning authority’s guidelines and requirements for the development of a particular site or collection of sites. A planning brief is generally produced for sites of a significant size or for particularly sensitive sites that require more detailed guidance and is a consideration when assessing future planning applications for development for the site.

Why is the Euston Station Area Planning Brief being developed?

Camden Council is developing a Planning Brief to provide guidance for development above and around Euston station and tracks, building on the vision set out in the Euston Area Plan. The Planning Brief will provide more detailed guidance for the delivery of homes, jobs, open space and other facilities and will:

• Provide more detail on the Euston Area Plan overarching policy for the station and tracks
• Guide the future development partner for the station sites in formulating their proposals and eventual planning applications
• Inform the station design process for all the stations
• Guide the external appearance of HS2 Ltd’s station design.

How can I get involved in the production of the Euston Station Area Planning Brief?

You can find out more about our engagement and consultation on the Planning Brief on our get involved page.

Can the Euston Station Area Planning Brief be used to stop HS2 or future oversite development?

The Euston Station Area Planning Brief cannot:

• Override outline planning permission for aspects of the HS2 scheme approved by the High Speed 2 (London – West Midlands) Act 2017
• Set out plans for the station that are not realistic or capable of delivery by the future developer, or HS2 Ltd, Crossrail 2 or Network Rail
• Ignore the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework, which requires tests of viability to ensure requirements for provision of open space, affordable housing, etc, are deliverable
• Contradict the Euston Area Plan policy, although the work may lead to the Council deciding a review of relevant parts of the Euston Area Plan is required
• Allocate Government funding to deliver proposals, although we will be working closely with HS2 Ltd, Network Rail and the Department for Transport to understand funding constraints.

What planning status does the Euston Area Plan have?

The Euston Area Plan has been adopted to Camden Council’s Local Development Framework as a Local Plan, and to the London Plan as an Opportunity Area Planning Framework, a supplementary planning guidance document.

What is the Euston Strategic Board?

The Council, the Greater London Authority, Transport for London, Network Rail and HS2 Ltd have joined together in a partnership known as the Euston Strategic Board.

The Euston Strategic Board provides strategic leadership to manage and deliver growth in the area, and sets the agenda for place-making and economic growth in Euston. The Euston Strategic Board already successfully guided the joint production of the Euston Area Plan. The Chair of the Board is the Leader of Camden Council, and the Deputy Chair is the Deputy Mayor of London for Planning, who provide overarching leadership to the partnership in their roles. The Euston Strategic Board is driving forward the potential for the Euston Area Plan, providing a strong delivery structure.

Find out more on the Boards page.

What is the Euston Management Board?

The Euston Management Board (EMB) is a senior officer-level board that meets monthly to support the Euston Strategic Board in its role to promote regeneration and growth in the Euston Area and deliver the aspirations of the Euston Area Plan.

Camden Council chairs the Board. The Greater London Authority, Transport for London, HS2, Network Rail and Crossrail 2 are members, with the Department for Transport and the Department for Communities and Local Government attending as observers.

Find out more on the Boards page.

What is the Euston Station Strategic Redevelopment Board?

The Euston Station Strategic Redevelopment Board (ESSRB) was set up as an advisory group to the Secretary of State for Transport,  further to an assurance given by HS2 Ltd to Camden Council, the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Transport for London (TfL) in 2015 as part of the House of Commons HS2 Select Committee process.

It performs an oversight role in the development of Euston station, including ensuring the integration of all infrastructure projects at Euston station.

The Board has an independent chair and the Council, HS2 Ltd, the GLA,  TfL, Network Rail, the Department for Transport, the Department for Communities and Local Government, and Crossrail 2 are members.

Find out more on the Boards page.

What is the Euston Integrated Programme Board?
The Euston Integrated Programme Board (EIPB) serves the Euston Station Strategic Redevelopment Board and coordinates the work around delivering the HS2 programme and the integrated stations at Euston.

The Board meets monthly with representatives from Camden Council, the Greater London Authority, Transport for London, HS2 Ltd, Network Rail, Crossrail 2, the Department for Transport and Crossrail 2, and run by HS2 Ltd.

Camden Council, the Greater London Authority and Transport for London were invited to attend this Board as a result of assurances given by HS2 Ltd to these organisations in December 2015.

What is the Euston Station Design Panel? 
The Euston Station Design Panel (ESDP) consists of a group of independent design experts who provide advice to HS2 Ltd and Camden Council on design plans for the HS2 Euston station. The latest news on HS2’s Design Panel work programme can be found on the website.

The panel was set up as part of an assurance given to Camden Council by HS2 Ltd in 2015.

Half of the panel consists of experts from HS2 Ltd’s route-wide independent Design Panel, while the other half is taken from Camden’s Design Review Panel. The panel meets approximately four times a year.