Euston Area Plan

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The area near and surrounding Euston station

We will soon be inviting the community to have their say on our plan for Euston.

Euston Station Area Planning Brief 

In summer 2017, we consulted on principles for the Euston Station Area Planning Brief. You can find out more by visiting our past engagement page.

Based on community feedback and engagement, we have developed a draft Planning Brief which builds on the vision and objectives in the Euston Area Plan, providing more detail on how the policies should be implemented.

Euston Area Plan

The Euston Area Plan was produced by Camden Council together with key stakeholders and included a wide-ranging programme of consultation and engagement. This included consultation on draft versions of the Euston Area Plan in 2013 and 2014. The Euston Area Plan was adopted in January 2015 by Camden Council, and the Mayor of London also adopted the plan as supplementary planning guidance to the London Plan.

Find out how we consulted on the Euston Area Plan on our past engagement page.

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