Euston Area Plan

Growth Strategy For Euston

Growth Strategy for Euston (pdf, 5 MB)

The Growth Strategy for Euston identified how to unlock funding for the comprehensive redevelopment of Euston station if HS2 went ahead. The High Speed 2 (London – West Midlands) Act 2017 Bill has now been passed, and is now an Act, giving the Government permission to build the railway.

The Growth Strategy is a key part of delivering the wider objectives of the Euston Area Plan.

The Growth Strategy was developed by Camden Council, the Greater London Authority, Transport for London and Network Rail, and agreed in November 2015 under the guidance of the Euston Strategic Board and the Euston Management Board (formerly Euston Integration Board).

The Growth Strategy makes recommendations including:

  • Seeking an early commitment to comprehensive redevelopment at Euston station.
  • Ensuring the delivery of a high-quality place through comprehensive masterplanning, design and engineering
  • Easing rail capacity to allow for the design and reconstruction of Euston station
  • Seeking upfront public sector funding for over-site redevelopment enabling works
  • Developing a local skills and employment strategy, to ensure that HS2 growth delivers benefits for local people and businesses.