Euston Area Plan

Planning in Euston

Euston Area Plan Update 

In line with the requirement in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), we completed an assessment of existing Euston Area Plan (EAP) policies, taking into account changing circumstances affecting the area.

Following the review, a decision was taken by the Cabinet member for Investing in Communities and an Inclusive Economy to partially update the EAP. Find out more about the decision.

Euston Station Area Planning Brief

We have developed a draft planning brief to provide guidance for development above and around Euston station and the tracks. It builds on the vision set out in the Euston Area Plan. The Planning Brief provides more detailed guidance on how we can build a world-class transport hub and create a new piece of city, delivering new homes, jobs and open space and connecting our neighbourhoods through new routes across and around Euston Station.

The Plan also covers parts of Somers Town, Regent’s Park Estate and Ampthill Estate, up to Mornington Crescent underground station and Euston Road.

The Planning Brief is being developed alongside work by HS2 Ltd to progress their station design, work by Network Rail to consider the redevelopment of the existing Euston station, and Crossrail 2 plans for the Euston area.

As there is significant crossover between the draft planning brief and the EAP, the team will focus efforts on updating the EAP in order to ensure that there is a robust and up to date framework by which to assess development at Euston. Work on the planning brief document is on hold.

The production of the draft planning brief and what we have learnt through the consultation process is an important step in developing the planning framework for Euston.

Where appropriate, comments received and issues identified through the consultation on the draft planning brief will be explored in the EAP update.

The Euston Area Plan

The Euston Area Plan was jointly developed by Camden Council, the Greater London Authority and Transport for London. Camden Council adopted the Plan in January 2015 as a Local Plan. The Mayor of London also adopted the Plan as supplementary planning guidance to the London Plan in January 2015.

The Euston Area Plan was developed through information gathered from background research, consultation results, and stakeholder liaison, and guided by the findings of the sustainability appraisal process. The Plan is compatible with wider planning guidance, the National Planning Policy Framework and the London Plan.

The Euston Area Plan vision for the Euston area in 2031

Euston Area Plan (pdf, 38.5 MB)

The Euston area will be rejuvenated as both a local hub of activity and a gateway to London through new high quality comprehensive and transformational development above and around a world class transport interchange at Euston station.

New homes, businesses, shops, community facilities, schools, and new and improved public realm and open space will transform the area. The redeveloped station will help to reconnect the communities to the north, south, east and west. Existing businesses, such as those at Drummond Street, and surrounding residential communities at Regent’s Park, Somers Town and Mornington Crescent, will flourish with investment through reprovided and new homes, businesses, open space and facilities where necessary, and their important role in the future of Euston celebrated and enhanced.

Euston’s role as a medical research, knowledge, innovation and creative industry base will be enhanced and thrive around the cluster of world class education and research institutions in the area, helping to achieve Camden Council’s Knowledge Quarter aspiration for the area. This could include medical uses as promoted in the Mayor’s “Med City” vision for the Euston Road corridor.

A network of clear and convenient streets will connect key attractions and green spaces in the area. Critical to this will be new and improved links through, above and around a redeveloped station and an improved greener environment along Euston Road. Euston Road will no longer be a barrier to pedestrian and cycle movement and onward journeys from the station. Euston has long been too polluted – the proposals in this plan will help to make it less so.