Euston Area Plan

Euston Area Plan past engagement

What consultation has there been before?

We consulted during development of the Euston Area Plan, and we have also consulted on the draft principles for the Euston Station Area Planning Brief and more recently a draft planning brief.

Draft Euston Planning Brief

Between 6th January and 17th February 2020, we consulted on the draft planning brief for Euston.

The production of the draft planning brief and what we have learnt through the consultation process is an important step in developing the planning framework for Euston.

It has provided an opportunity for detailed engagement on the Council’s thinking on how the vision for the Euston Station area could be delivered.

Where appropriate, comments received and issues identified through the consultation on the draft planning brief will be explored in the EAP update.

Euston Station Area Planning Brief principles

Between 22 May and 3 July 2017, we consulted on principles for the Euston Station Area Planning Brief. We will now use feedback to develop a draft Planning Brief, which we will consult on in spring 2018.

We met with representatives of community and business groups in March 2017 to discuss ideas for principles and to inform the production of these principles. View the summary report (pdf, 617 KB) of the workshop.

Drop in events

We held drop in events at St Pancras and Somers Town Living Centre, Ampthill Square Tenants Hall, HPod and Surma Community Centre during June 2017.

Introduction and Q&A

As part of the first drop-in session at the St Pancras and Somers Town Living Centre, Mary-Ann Lewis, Euston Programme Manager, talked through the draft principles. Find out more about the session.

Euston Area Plan

We consulted on various stages of development of the Euston Area Plan between 2012 and 2014. An outline of the consultation stages and links to further information are provided below.

First stage of consultation – objectives

Between 5 November and 14 December 2012, we asked for views on the initial objectives for the Euston Area Plan. We asked what uses people would like to see above a redeveloped station, as part of the HS2 project, if it goes ahead despite Camden Council’s strong opposition, or as part of the redevelopment of the station on the existing footprint. We received many useful comments (see stage 1 report below), which highlighted general support for the objectives and which were used to inform the draft Euston Area Plan. We also held an initial stakeholder workshop in September 2012.

Second stage of consultation – draft Euston Area Plan

We consulted on a draft version of the plan and its draft sustainability appraisal between 29 July and 7 October 2013 – stage 2 of our consultation process. View the draft materials on our documents page.

The results of this stage 2 consultation are available below. We also held a stakeholder workshop. A write up of this can also be found below.

Third stage of consultation – proposed submission version of Euston Area Plan

We published the proposed submission documents for review between 8 January and 5 March 2014.

Main documents:

Accompanying documents:

Fourth stage of consultation – examination process

Prior its adoption, the Euston Area Plan was subject to Independent Examination by a Planning Inspector, which included examination hearings in July 2014 and consultation on the Proposed Modifications to the Euston Area Plan in September and October 2014.

The public hearings for the examination were held by the appointed independent Planning Inspector in early July 2014.  The Inspector asked the team to consider making modifications to the plan following discussions at the hearing, and taking into account those already suggested by the Euston Area Plan team in response to proposed submission consultation responses. These were published for review in early September and comments on the main changes were invited. These were sent straight to the Inspector for consideration in writing his report on the plan. We received the Planning Inspector’s report on the Plan on 30 December 2014. The Inspector found the plan “sound” subject to modifications being made. The Council and the Greater London Authority followed usual democratic procedures to formally adopt the plan.

See the examination documents page for more detail on this process.